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John W. Beach has worked in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years – starting as a literary agent at Paradigm and later with ACME Talent & Literary, where he sold Oliver Stone’s WORLD TRADE CENTER w/ Nicolas Cage and YOUTH IN REVOLT w/ Michael Cera.
after ACME, John and 2 producers created Fortress Features, where he aided in the raise of Fortress' development fund. As the Director of Development, John sought out property for Fortress to acquire and develop into rich film/television projects.
In 2011, John opened the Angeles office of INDYCAR where he invited and managed celebrities (Dan Aykroyd, Howie Mandel and Gladys Knight to name a few) at INDYCAR events and races. Mostly, John produced Branded Integrations for TV shows like MYTHBUSTERS, LET’S MAKE A DEAL, HOW IT’S MADE and many others.
In 2015, and after surviving cancer, John started Gravity Squared Entertainment, a Los Angeles based management/production company. Gravity Squared has over 100 books/treatment/scripts under management, many being Pulitzer Prize winners and New York Times bestsellers. They currently have over 25 projects in various stages of development/production - including: sold and developed a Primetime TV Sitcom to ABC based on a Chicago comedienne’s life; developing and producing a project with Mosaic & Legendary Pictures with Will Ferrell starring and Adam McKay producing; optioned a book to DreamWorks Animation TV about a unicorn being raised by narwhal, which is being developed for Netflix; they’re currently developing a TV series about female nurses on the frontlines of WWII with Mel Gibson attached to produce and direct.

Kevin Cleary began his career at Superhero Enterprises, which later sold to Marvel Studios. Shortly after, Kevin started Quantum Marketing, which developed, licensed, published and sold IP for film/TV, animation, gaming, and publishing. He also consulted on IP development for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and many other production companies.
At ACME Talent & Literary, Kevin represented John Carpenter, Debra Hill, and Kurt Russell for the film ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK; comic book creators Will Eisner, J.M. DeMatteis and many production companies, like Mace Neufeld Productions and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison, as well as numerous authors, like the best- selling authors Spider Robinson and John Farris.
Shortly after ACME, Kevin moved over to Maverick Entertainment, Madonna’s production company and later co-founded Content House, a management & production company whose clients included numerous IP rights holders, screenwriters, comic book creators like J.M. DeMatteis, Tom DeFalco and Fabian Nicieza, as well as many best-selling authors including John Farris, Shirley Kennett and Leon Wagener.
At Gravity Squared, Kevin and John represent the work of numerous Pulitzer Prize winners and New York Times bestsellers. Some recent Gravity Squared deals include J. Lincoln Fenn’s novel DEAD SOULS to SuperDeluxe (a Turner Company), Adrienne Mayor’s non-fiction book AMAZONS to OddLot Entertainment, Jessie Sima’s book NOT QUITE NARWHAL to DreamWorks Animation TV, disability civil rights activist Judith Heumann’s biography BEING HEUMANN to Beacon Press, and most recently, Jonathan Stone’s book DAYS OF NIGHT to Oscar nominated producer Brian Oliver @ New Republic Pictures.